The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness: A Four-Step Plan for Resilient Living

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Amit Sood

Happiness is a habit. For some of us, that habit is a natural inclination; for others, it is a learned behavior. The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness combines wisdom from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to help you choose contentment. Dr. Amit Sood's actionable ten–week program has helped tens of thousands of people reduce anxiety and find greater fulfillment in life. Each of the book's four sections is filled with practical insights and easy–to–implement exercises. You'll understand why your brain struggles with finding happiness and what real–world practices can help you to better manage stress and choose peace and contentment instead.

Praise for the Stress–Free Living Program:

“This book can change your life.”–Dr. Andrew Weil

“An important innovative approach to well-being.”–Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence