Simply Plant-Based: Fabulous Food for a Healthy Life

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Vanita Rahman, MD
176 pages

The simplest and most health-promoting diet is built on whole, plant-based foods that are low in fat, sugar, and sodium and high in fiber and nutrients. This is the ideal diet for fighting inflammation and avoiding chronic disease. But more than a diet, this is a lifestyle. And to be sustainable, the food must be delicious, interesting, and fun to eat.

Simply Plant Based offers a smorgasbord of family friendly, satisfying options. Choose from Savory Kale Scones or Chocolate Chip Crepes for breakfast, Asian Noodle Soup or Chipotle Black Bean burgers for lunch, or Fettuccine Alfredo with Mushrooms or Veggie Lasagna for dinner. Or select from a diversity of innovative fare that includes Potato Panini, Cauliflower Wings, and Edamame Hummus, as well as international favorites, such as Baba Ghanoush and Aloo Gobi. Eating healthy and dining well has never been easier.

As a certified nutritionist, Dr Rahman also addresses nutritional concerns about plant\-based diets, including protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and soy estrogens. And as a practicing physician, cites health benefits such as weight loss; lowered blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol; reduced joint pain; and increased energy. Under her guidance, you'll experience an exciting kitchen adventure and a new lease on life.