Roots of Positive Change: Optimizing Health Care with Positive Psychology

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Liana Lianov
182 pages

Roots of Positive Change, Optimizing Health Care with Positive Psychology reviews the science of positive psychology and its impact on health and well-being, providing guidance to physicians and other health professionals on how to practically implement this science into clinical practice. The book is written in a format that is accessible to anyone interested in the topic and applying it to their personal well-being. The foreword by eminent positive psychology researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, sets the stage for this pioneering book, which is a breakthrough in the movement to harness positive psychology for health care. Key topics covered include activities that boost positive emotions and improve emotional well-being (such as mindfulness, gratitude practice, and acts of kindness); positive activities as part of treatment of chronic diseases; coaching health behavior change; teaching and advocating for positive psychology in health care; and promoting well-being of physicians and other health care workers. The book acknowledges that more research is needed to delineate best practices for applying positive psychology in health care, and paves the way for such research. Innovative, yet practical, this contribution to the health, medical and psychology literature will resonate as an essential reference for those aiming to make a difference in their personal health and well-being and in the lives of their patients.