Community Wellness & Exercise is Medicine

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Robert E. Sallis, Augie Nieto, Mike Alpert
32 minutes
Community Wellness & Exercise is Medicine explores the concept of exercise is medicine. In a compelling fashion, the DVD explains why exercise can be an effective tool for both the treatment and prevention of chronic disease and obesity, as well as premature death. The DVD also explores the fact that physical inactivity can have an astonishing array of harmful health effects. In addition, the DVD discusses three programs designed and conducted at the renowned Claremont Club that are targeted at making a difference in people's lives in the community (“Living Well After Cancer Medical Wellness” program, the “Spinal Cord Injury” program, and the Project Walk Franchise).

Among the topics covered: 

• The health benefits of exercise (Robert Sallis) 
• Exercise and health 
• A drug called exercise
• Fitness vs. fatness
• Physical activity lowers mortality, even with increasing age and chronic disease
• Exercise and quality of life 
• Why has the medical community neglected physical activity as a treatment? 
• What can be done? 
• Summary 
• Community wellness (Mike Alpert) 
• Community wellness (Augie Nieto)